Why Train with D2L?

95% of session attendees say they would recommend our training workshops.
Here’s why….

Experience and breadth of training
Training with a D2L expert that has unrivaled experience in using all of our products, and has accumulated a wealth of practical best practices and use cases.

Choice of course style
At D2L, we deliver training in a variety of ways, allowing us to work with you to build a program that best suits your needs.

Get the most out of the products
If you want to maximize your investment, there is no better way than giving your users the skills to use all of the Brightspace products to the fullest extent.

We keep you in the loop
We offer a wide range of training courses that are continuously reviewed and improved to stay up-to-date with the latest product changes, industry standards and developments. That means that no matter what your experience is with Brightspace, beginner or guru, you’ll receive relevant and accurate information through state-of-the-art instruction.